June 30, 2007

Shopkeeper Fined £250 For Tackling Thieves

Seriously.  This guy got fined for stopping three young punks who tried to swipe his spraypaint.  He opted to plead guilty and pay a fine instead of going to trial and facing jail. Yeah, Jail, for defending his fucking business! 

A HERO shopkeeper was fined £250 yesterday — because he tackled three hoodie thieves.
Brave Jacob Smyth, 33, chased and caught the yobs after they grabbed armfuls of spray paint from his hardware store.

Cops gave two of them £80 fixed penalty fines — then HE was charged with assault.

Unbelievable.  The Brits are far gone if they've become so twisted in their morality that a decent guy defending his livelihood gets a more severe punishment for stopping three bipedal rodent asshole thugs than said thugs who stole his fucking paint. 

Magistrate Angy Haslam conceded Jacob acted in self-defence but said his reaction was “aggravated by the fact you kicked the victim on the ground”.

Oh, my!  In that case, yeah, his punishment was a righteous one.  God, I have the vapors just reading about the excessive brutality, are we sure this wasn't a testimony from Abu Ghraib?  I thought only us Americans were so evil and brutal.

“I was getting a good beating from this lad. I had no choice but to defend myself.

Sure, sure.  We know what your definition of defending yourself is, you monster!

“I have a young child and do not want to run the risk of prison.

“But am I not allowed to protect my stock and premises from thieves?”

No, you're not, pal, sorry, your state is run by a bunch of fucking nannies. But knowing this, next time it happens, and I'm sure it will, cuz you're obviously not gonna be allowed to stop it, I suggest you let them take the fucking paint and hope the retards huff themselves out of existence.  It'd probably be the easiest way to resolve the problem. 

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