July 26, 2007

Scott Beauchamp Blog Dissection

Lets open this sucker!  Scalpel! 

the first contradiction is Here and Here.

The first link (which you can see in entirety on my last post), posted on May 8th, offers up a vivid scene in Iraq, of a Sgt ordering a soldier named LeClaire to open up on a group of Iraqi children.  He also talks about an unidentified soldier shooting an Iraqi man in the face.

The next post I link comes from just a week later, saying the following,

Sunday, May 14, 2006

in short, our units deployment is postponed until further notice...maybe even cancelled....
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Most of his posts talk about being in Germany, so I assume that's where he's blogging from at the time of the Deployment post on May 14.

More contradictions.

He talks about LeClaire, who is in all likelyhood a fictional character.  In his post here, he talks about LeClaire getting his pecker blown off. 

after the coming back to america introduction theres sgt. Leclaire with his dick blown off and the house 12 working girl with her stuff blown out in the other direction and both lost darkeyes brooding on prisonfleshes of human animal bodies the bridge across being only that connection spark instant also lost as quickly.

Then, we go back to the story where he was in Iraq and kids were getting blown away(go to my last post to see the whole thing, his link and post). Sgt. LeClaire, who had his schmeckel blown off April 26, is killing Iraqi kids in early May, and is being ordered around by another Sgt(was he demoted?).  So LeClaire was a Sgt who had his pecker blown off, then was wasting Iraqi kids, and a private?


Next there is some insight into his motivations.

In this post, he says the following.

Every morning I get up and feel retarded for joining the army.
Every morning I get up and feel proud for serving my country.
Every morning I get up and dont want to get up.
Every morning I get up and wish that I was back in college.
Every morning I get up and appreciate everything that I'm learning here.
Every morning I get up and wish my roomate wasnt such a big fan of Disturbed...
Every morning I get up and I'm a little more liberal than the day before
Every morning I get up and try to recite a fact from something I read last night.
Every morning I get up and wish I was as free as the people that I'm "fighting for"
Every morning I get up and think I'm a tool for global corporations
Every morning I get up and miss my mother
Every morning I get up and shave
Every morning I get up and realize how much I love my comrades
Every morning I get up and say I'm Scott Beauchamp, in the army, living in Germany, and this is my life, and I'm going to be treated like shit today and do landscaping and janitorial work and practice killing people and there could be no other way to appreciate what I had or what I'm going to have once I get out other than enduring this now when all I really want to do is teach history and lay around and read and hustle around and repair the world (tikkun olam) and sift through knowledge and improve culture and learn how to sail and work in soup kitchens and start a family and really, I mean REALLY study the best the western civilization has to offer and facilitiate the mystery and power through everything I do, but I cant do it without getting through this army experience first, which will add a legitimacy to EVERYTHING i do afterwards, and totally bolster my opinions on defense, etc, and of course its making me a lot less lazy, just because im not use to being lazy any more, etc.
Every morning I get up

Then there's this...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

ill return to america an author
bavarian stories in some sort of rounded metaphysical order...personality death stories intersecting with poesy home memory reflections. You begin with a place and an action and let it carry in every direction till the words are vibrating on the page, dripping in thick robust delapidated barnhouses of adjectives and pronouns...no time for the subtle gray faced calculations of a PERFORMED intimacy...go...but remember what Kerouac forgot: revision is spontaneous also.
a brief coming back to america introduction, stories about soldiers, prositutes, innocent students rendered featherless by dark rivets of experience and the decadence of human pursuits in every vein...and then there's the veins...follow 'em.
Cut your wrist let it bleed onto the paper in unique soulpatterns of mindthoughts. after the coming back to america introduction theres sgt. Leclaire with his dick blown off and the house 12 working girl with her stuff blown out in the other direction and both lost darkeyes brooding on prisonfleshes of human animal bodies the bridge across being only that connection spark instant also lost as quickly. a revery of mothertalk and love looks back in the soft american night. the awol in bamberg lying to make himself into someone who can actually touch another persons lips to his heart to feel. a grandma memeory of cracked heavy crystal balls and smoke serpitine around stacks of tarot cards. the smell of the antiseptic physical therapy room filled with limbless veterans, some missing half a face, and one wearing a god bless america t-shirt...of course this was all before the war, but the war is closer here and an everlengthening shadow over my half closed eyes...but this is all in our time, here and coming back to america...
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Dean Barnett caught this jewel amongst the refuse...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

ghosts scared too
movie night:
Scarface, National Lampoons European Vacation, Get Rich or Die Trying, Blow, Hamburger Hill, and Ghostbusters (again)...rereading Dershowitz's book "Shouting Fire" on civil liberties....
I know that NOT participating in a war (and such a misguided one at that) should be considered better than wanting to be in one just to write a book...but you know, maybe id rather be a good man than a good artist...be both? Some can and some cant...i guess it all depends on how great an artist, or how great a man they want to be. Sometimes it feels like i have to choose between being totally loyal to thoughts of my future family OR totally loayl to chasing down the muse. must find a middle ground.
p.s.-The movies were not my decisions but watched on a basis of consensus.
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Then there's this...

Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Day off is just that
Americans dont like smart people…at least people who are intelligent just to expand human knowledge. If youre smart, it better lead to riches. And as for the all american heroes, they’re not more intlligent than you…just sexier or faster or in a gang, or, like, really really really good at football. It leaves no hope for those who are pretty useless save their intellect. Sorry AJ. You’ll always be MY hero.
Today: went to the library, checked out some new movies, was on the internet FAR too long….listened to Wilco and The Smiths….have to work 24 hr CQ tomorrow night. Damn.
Not much else to say really. Vicar in a TuTu.
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We also have this from him, regarding Cheney, he quotes a statement from Cheney at the Washington Institutes Soref Symposium, Apr 29, 1991, he quotes it, then says;

I miss political arguments. There seems to be a consensus with all the boys overseas...we laugh harder at CSPAN than comedy central. Silly republicans.
posted by Scott Thomas at 4:13 AM

I think these are all interesting insights into his character, I'll update with what I think is important in a bit. 

*Bryan at HotAir points out in the May 8th link that Beauchamp says the Chaplain was handing out Bibles.  I noticed that too, but I hadn't bothered to mention it, so Bryan gets the nod.

*Enlightened, in my comments points out two interesting things that roughly follow some of Beauchamp's stories. Take a look, and be, er, enlightened!

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