August 18, 2008

Saving Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School

Been a while since we've had an update, so a refresher, you may remember the article in which it was uncovered that Obama had promised a school in Kenya that he has close tribal connections to that he'd make sure they got financial aid, and never followed through, the school never saw a dime from him. Juliette Ochieng, better known around here as Baldilocks, started a non-profit to meet the needs of the school.  Juliette, you may remember, is from the same tribal background as Obama, the Kenyan Luo tribe. 

Well, we have some updates today, first, Juliette has the site for the non-profit up and running, I intend to promote this cause as best as I can.  The school is in poor shape, with no running water and poor electricity, they want to put in a basic science lab, a well, latrines, a lunch room, fencing for security, and additional classrooms.  We can help them out, Obama might not keep his promise, but we should try and help them where he failed to.

You can go to the site to learn more about Kenya, the Luo tribe, the Save Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School fund and maybe a bit about Juliette herself. 

Also, I think this is going to help the effort immensely, she'll be doing an interview with LA Weekly, so that'll be good for PR.  Also interesting(scroll down at that same link), Juliette was referenced in crackpot Corsi's book, and he of course gets things screwed up and facts wrong.

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