January 28, 2008

Rudy's Campaign About Over if These Polls Are Right

According to Zogby, who you always take with at least a grain of salt, has Giuliani at 13%, and the Hucktard at 14% in Florida.  Mitt and McCain are pretty much tied at 30%.  Ron Paul is the guy that Rudy is beating in Florida right now. 

I've long believed, and continue to believe, that Rudy's success as a candidate relied on fear of the Hildebeest.  As long as the Hildebeest looked inevitable, Rudy was inevitable too.  When the Hildebeest's campaign started to stumble, it broke her aura of inevitability, and it broke Rudy's too, and that's why he's tanked so badly.  Hillary's weakness as a candidate and the challenge from Obama pretty much ruined it for Rudy, not to mention his campaign pretty much assumed the primary would be a breeze.

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