September 30, 2009

Rabid, Racist, Rightwing, Bitter Clinger Lashes Out At Obamacare

Oops! I must have made a typo. I should have written "Obama Voter Lashes Out At Obamacare." Silly me. In fact, this Obama voter sounds almost *gasp* conservative in her views.

But if we with the "Cadillac" health plans have to start paying taxes on our benefits, that's a huge middle class tax increase, and we were promised that wouldn't happen. Rebalancing the pay package doesn't save us from that tax hit — even assuming our employers would reshuffle things. Plus we love our great health benefits, and we were told if we liked them, we'd get to keep them. How is it fair to change the rules on us after we worked so hard to get what we have? The Democrats, including Obama, got elected by saying "middle class" over and over again. They never said they were going to provide for the less fortunate at our expense, and I don't see how they would have gotten elected if they had.

Sigh. If the consequences of an Obama Presidency weren't so disastrous, I would savor mocking people like the good Professor. But I can't, since it was people such as her who swore up and down that Obama was a different breed of cat. And now, we are stuck with this shitheap until 2012.

Thanks for nothing, Professor.

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