October 31, 2008

Put down that Doom Meter

I'm looking at you, Oronmay Unditpay

We can win this thing, if everyone gets out and votes.  And again, talk to anyone you know who's still undecided or who's considering staying at home.  Show them video clips on YouTube, if they're not paying attention to that stuff.  Do what you can.  But most of all, don't let ANYONE tell you that this is over.

More: I can't emphasize this enough: Do NOT listen to the polls.  Especially on Election Day.  If you're in a swing state and you haven't had a chance to get to your polling place, you're going to hear a lot of talk about how Captain Bullshit has already clinched it.  That's a ploy to keep you from showing up.  David Axelturf wants you to think this is hopeless.  You know what?  Fuck him.  He and his boss and all the MSM douchebags who are in the tank for them want you to think this is already over.  But you know what?

Damn straight, Bluto.  Let's get out there and win this election!


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