August 12, 2009

PSA on Political Byline

So, I was hitting all my daily reads, went to Say Uncle and Snowflakes in Hell for my daily news in the world of firearms and gun rights, and I see this post at Say Uncle, where his attempt to visit a story linked by Instapundit was greeted with this oddball message,

You have been Banned from viewing this Blog.
There are most likely two reasons for this.
1. You were abusive or a troll in the comments section
2. You are from a Forum that I do not want viewing my Blog
3. You are in the countries of Russia, Iran or People’s Republic of China

If you feel this was a mistake contact me at tpblogeditor at gmail dot com.
If you are from the Country of Russia, People’s Republic of China Tell your leaders to embrace true freedom and not political oppression and I might let you back in.
Political Byline dot com

Political Byline? Paleo Pat?  Insty?

And Insty isn't the first to be buffaloed by this cretin, and he probably won't be the last, unfortunately.  But if he's getting linked by Insty, he's fooling too many people, which means he's got to be dealt with.  So who is Paleo Pat (or Patrick), and why is he so reprehensible?  Well, it's a long story, so let's begin. 

Paleo Pat wasn't always Paleo Pat (or Patrick).  There was a time where he went by the name Chuck Adkins, where he ran a site called The Populist Blog.  Chuck likes to lash out at people in nasty ways, sometimes with no provocation.  Chuck decided at one point to post the address, phone number and satellite photo of Michelle Malkin's home, you can see screencaps here.  During this time, Chuck threatened to put a hit on a conservative blogger, he was confronted on his behavior by the blogger he threatened, and then went on hiatus

Okay, so Chuck Adkins disappeared, right?  Not so much.  Few months later he comes back, and starts in with his psychotic behavior again, only this time, he sinks to an even new low.  Undoubtedly a good number of you read Cold Fury and know Mike Hendrix.  Mike is a damned good guy, and of course the rest of the crew over there are too.  I'm sure many of you remember when Mike lost his wife Christiana in a motorcycle accident in 2007.  Chuck remembered too, and had the following to say when he got into an argument with one of Mike's co-bloggers,

This might explain why this Christina Hendrix bitch is dead, If I had to hang around idiots like that, I’d fucking die too.

Yeah, I said that, I meant ever fucking word of it.

I wish I had screencaps, but alas I don't.  Then when Mike had the audacity to say something about it, Chuck had the following response,

Yeah, I took it off, I wouldn’t want little cry baby azzhat Mikey to cry himself silly, the bitch. Mother fucker lets his Co-Bloggers talk shit about other Blogs, But then WHINES when someone writes a little snark back. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Cry baby assed bitch.

This whole incident is where most people were introduced to Chuck Adkins and remember him by.  The little monster was being chased down by a large angry intarwebs mob, and as a result deep sixed The Populist Blog and disappeared.

However, as you may have figured out already, Chuck Adkins always returns, he's kinda Jason Voorhees, always back for another sequel, which is always shittier and more pathetic than the last.  So, you ask, how is it we know that Chuck Adkins is Paleo Pat?  Easy enough, here you go, as you can see, he commented at PW as Chuck Adkins, with Political Byline as his URL.  So that puts him in a transitional phase, where he's got his new site, but not the Paleo Pat moniker.  And actually, there's this too, his Technorati profile as The Populist, with Chuck Adkins in parenthesis, and his Political Byline site linked.  And there's something else, here's a comment by Chuck at The Next Right, where he notes he has a site called the American Nationalist News Service.  Wanna guess what he means by Nationalist?  Oh yeah, he means that.  I'm kicking myself for not screencapping the hell out of that site, but I had no desire to get in that sewer.  Unfortunately, he since deep sixed that site too, and can't find a cache of it (if you do or have sreencaps, please drop a link in comments).  I did however find a link to a post referenced in Google Reader, remember seeing that post in Google Reader when checking on Chuck's site a while back, and can assure you, it wasn't David Dinkins he was saying should be a Senator.  I'll also take this time to note this run-in he had with Bob Parks.

Some of you Twitter junkies may also remember him for his anti-Semitic tirades and using racial slurs (of course some of them were directed at Malkin), and that he deleted one of his profiles because he was catching too much heat for it.  Again, wish I had screencaps or caches, if you've got 'em, feel free to leave a comment.

We here at doubleplusundead would like to close this out by saying this,

Chuck, you have a long history of shady behavior toward conservative bloggers, including making death threats and gross invasions of privacy.  It won't be tolerated here.  There are plenty of conservative bloggers with law degrees hanging around that undoubtedly would gleefully assist us in making sure you'd suffer the maximum penalty for whatever jackass sociopathic thing you did, both in criminal and civil courts, capiche?

Also, rambunctious milk-zeppelins.

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