September 16, 2009

Politico getting greedy for domain names

How can you tell that Politico is made up of old media types?  Because of shit like this.  Yeah, you're reading that right, they sent a cease and desist to a guy for naming his site The College Politico, and are demanding control of his domain.  Any of you lawyerly types want to comment? 

If this is the standard we're going by, Insty could send out cease and desists to everyone who goes by _____pundit, and shut down half the fucking blogosphere, the Moron-in-Chief could go after Flopping Aces, and anything else with the name Ace or Ace of Spades, on it.  Politico is way out of line here, and we're gonna do as Ace recommends, we'll cite Politico if we use them as a source, but we'll be denying them sweet sweet linkage until a letter of retraction and apology is sent to College Politico.

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