May 29, 2009

Peggy Noonan Shows Her Idiocy And Arrogance (This Is Not A Recording)

I personally do not care about the merits or demerits of the rest of this piece, but this little tidbit exemplifies the arrogance and stupidity of the moderate RINOs.

Let's play grown-up." When I was a child, that's what we said when we ran out of things to do like playing potsie or throwing rocks in the vacant lot. You'd go in and take your father's hat and your mother's purse and walk around saying, "Would you like tea?" In retrospect we weren't imitating our parents but parents on TV, who wore pearls and suits. But the point is we amused ourselves trying to be little adults.

And that's what the GOP should do right now: play grown-up.

The Democrats in the White House have been doing it since January, operating with a certain decorum, a kind of assumption as to their natural stature. Obamaland is very different from the last Democratic administration, Bill Clinton's. The cliché is true: White House staffs reflect their presidents. Mr. Clinton's staff was human, colorful, messy, slightly mad. They had pent-up energy after 12 years of Republican rule, and they believed their own propaganda that Republicans were wicked. They were oafish: One dragooned a government helicopter to go play golf. President Obama's staff is far less entertaining. They're smooth, impeccable, sophisticated, like the boss. They don't hate Republicans but think they're missing a few chips (empathy, logic, How Things Really Work). It is true they don't know what they don't know, but what they do know (how to quietly seize and hold power, for instance—they now run the American auto industry), they know pretty well.

Fuck you, Peggy! Seriously, do you really believe the shit you write? How fucking smug and fucking arrogant!

Oh, and if we are the children, given how fucking incompetent and stupid the O-bots are at anything involving ACTUALLY RUNNING THE FUCKING COUNTRY AND KEEPING IT FROM TURNING INTO A MORE DIVERSE VERSION OF VENEZUELA, would you not let a child at least have a crack at things?

Holy moley, slice the fucking baloney! I haven't seen this level of arrogance mixed with stupidity since I went to my nearby Starbucks.

Oh, and if I have not made myself clear:


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