December 27, 2009

Peggy Noonan Just Can't Quit Barry

Fuck you, Peggy. Fuck you and your snotty spinsterish elitism with the hopes and dreams of Americans you helped destroy by pushing and shilling for Obama. Fuck you for either being a willing dupe or an outright hack to defend this imbecile, not for what he had accomplished (zilch), or for what he promised (egads!), but because he was a blank slate for which you and the rest of your amiable assfisters of abominable atrociousness to project YOUR fucking wishes, dreams, desires ("'s the 21st Century Jack and Jackie!") upon the rest of us and tell us WE were the evil racists if we dared question him. And fuck you for reminding me of that homely girl in school, who writes love poems in her diary to the school stud, hoping for that scant moment that Captain Cool will look at you in the hallway and say, "hi".

Seriously, Peggy. As Obama's administration becomes less and less popular, even in his own fucking party and movement, what do you do? Do you take the first, brave steps towards Obama Fangirlism Recovery and admit you were wrong? Do you ask for forgiveness from your putative side of the fucking political spectrum? Do you fucking ask for forgiveness from the American fucking people for pushing for this clown over the party that elevated a land grant educated, baby birthin' snowbilly to prominence? Absofuckinglutely not.

No, Peggy, you embarrass yourself even fucking further by tripling down on the adulation by writing this fuckdrippingly foolish paean to Obama as well as allowing his admirers to defend him in your column. And the best you fools could come up with?

"He's a young president, young in terms of youthful." Sometimes people come in to meet him and find "they came for a photo and he gives them a game" of pick-up basketball on the White House court. "Those are the things from a human perspective that make him so accessible. Accessible is the right word. He's emotionally available."

He is appreciative of his staff's efforts. "When you're working hard for your country and you know [he cares] it is huge." How does he show his thanks? "It's a little like a basketball game—'Thanks for that, I know what you did.' It's not a note or a pat or a call, it's a guy-to-guy thank you, 'That's cool, that's good.' You think, 'My coach got that I worked my ass off.'"

"As a person he is just an incredible human being who you can't help but love."

Oh, so we all are supposed to don the vestal robes and march up the volcano for Obama because he is the political equivalent of the assists leader in the Big 12? Seriously? Fucking seriously? Hey, Anonymous Admirer, I don't give a fucking flying fucklity fuck if he is a righteous dude or the "Floorburn Award" winner at the end of the year team pizza party. He is the Fucking President of the Fucking United States of Afuckingmerica. His job is to get shit accomplished and lead this country, not whip the towel on the bench. I fucking want Michael Fucking Jordan or Magic Fucking the Ladies Johnson out there. I want a fucking winner who is confident of himself and his abilities, feelings be damned. I want a guy who wants the ball, needs the ball in his hands at the end of the game. That's what winners fucking do. Did FDR, LBJ, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, Or Dubya care if they hurt somebody's feelings or made sure they gave their guys a pat on the back? Who fucking knows. But they accomplished shit. Obama? Yeah, he wants the cameras on him, but when it comes time for the hard work of being President, he dithers and delays, and things fall apart because of it.

Good fucking grief, Peggy. Get over yourself and your refusal to face reality. It's really fucking pathetic and self absorbed. You seem to have run out of shit to say to defend this loser, so you turn your column over to "anonymous" folks to defend him? That to me smells of desperation and a "mailing it in" attitude. If you can't think of anything else to write, then just come out and admit it, not this chickenshit stuff. If I were your bosses, I would dock you a week's pay for not even bothering to write a reasonable column.

Face it Peggy. You lost. You didn't even pick the weak horse. You picked the retarded three legged one that is there to make the other horses realize they will never be the biggest glue bottle in waiting in the yard. You can't face the results of your crush, and it is pathetic. Grow up, and be an adult.

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