September 01, 2008

Palin Pics HERE

While other sites fumble around like a nerd trying to undo a bra in the dark, here at DPUD we've got the straight deal.  That's right: those pix you been looking for are just below the fold.

Click on for pictures that will rock this presidential race to the ground!

Oh, sure, it's been pixellated to look like Michelle Malkin's face, but that is clearly Sarah Palin posing in a sexy, Girls-Gone-Wild, bikiniesque fashion.

And serious politicans never wear bikinis, with the exception of JFK, and that was just that one time when his navy ship crossed the International Date Line and he joined the Poseidon Club.

This is totally different.  It's smutty and dirty and sure to anger fundamentalist Neanderthals Christians on the right.

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