June 30, 2009

Only now do conservatives notice Mark Kirk?

Everyone is piling on to Rep. Mark Kirk for his vote on Crap&Trade, which they should be (I'm amused by the fact that after he votes for a bill that is going to destroy the economy, he sets up a job fair).  We should work to make sure he loses the next time he's up for election, and I don't care if that's finding a decent Republican, or making it politically impossible for the RNC to boost him and ceding the seat to a Democrat.

All that said, I'm sorry, but people should have known what this guy was long before Crap&Trade went down, and shouldn't be surprised by his betrayal.  He's a RINO's RINO (frankly, I think the guy is fascist, or fascist-leaning, certainly statist), it has been long known that the guy drank the global warming Kool-Aid. 

To my knowledge, he's also the ONLY GOPer in Congress to be both endorsed by the ghouls in the Brady Campaign and Planned Parenthood.  Anyone with that much disregard for the right to self-defense and life should be held suspect from day one, I don't know how he flew under so many conservative radars for so damn long.

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