October 26, 2010

One More Week

Fuck the left. Dungeonfuck them so hard with the detachable cock from a sodomizing zombie that they will grow a new appendange as a result. Fuck them for everything. Fuck their smugness. Fuck their arrogance. And megafuck them to infinity because I just plain old fucking hate them.

They have beaten us up, mocked us, lied to us, slandered us, humiliated us, ruined our future, and sneered condescendingly to us that they know better, and that we should just shut the fuck up and take it prison style and ask for more.

Well, I for one refuse to play their goatse game. I refuse to let them do what they have done to us and to our future. I refuse to sit the fuck back and fucking take it. I refuse to let them tell me that it's a good thing for my daughter to endure a worse life than I ever had. I refuse to let them tell me that rationing care and doing with less is a groovy fucking idea. And I really, really, really, really fucking refuse to let this country's light and flame of hope be dimmed into an eco bulb of failure and desperation.

Besides, in my sick, depraved heart, I fucking want to see them wailing and moaning. I fucking want to see them shocked and appalled that the fucking people stood up and told them to get rotofucked with a sewer snake. And I just like electorally curbstomping them. The American people have been fucked over by the left and their RINO enablers. Now, on November 2, we fuck back.  We fuck them. We make them our bitches. And we discard them like a dirty fuckrag.

So get lubed up, lefties. Get lubed up to have a new orifice created from what the freedomcock of victory will do to you.

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