May 13, 2008

okay, *now* we're doomed

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Is it losing three House seats in traditionally GOP districts that has me declaring Game Over?  That has Allah looking for glue to huff like a blogging Patrick Tribett, but no, that isn't it.  What has me declaring its all over?  The GOP released its official campaign clothing line.  Now, you're going, okay, its just t-shirts, hats, pins, and maybe hoodies, right?  Wrong.  How do I know we're doomed? 

Here's why, the official GOP clothing line has, I regret to inform you, revived one of the most regrettable fashion trends in world history, the bane of good taste itself, the dreaded Zubaz pants.

Seriously, Zubaz? And we hoped GOP stupidity reached the pinnacle during the Amnesty disaster, now they're reviving friggin' Zubaz.

*** Thanks for the link, Michelle!

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