June 20, 2008

Oh, they're going to get letters

I'm not sure why, but I get GQ in the mail, even though I canceled my subscription years ago. Actually, I'm not really sure why I ever subscribed to the magazine in the first place.  I'm not much of a clothes horse (I only wear suits to weddings and funerals) and I couldn't afford the stuff they feature anyway.

Also, for a conservative guy like me, their political coverage is cringe-worthy. It's a Manhattan-based mag written by urban liberals, after all, so there's not a lot of love thrown our way. In their "Informed Man's Guide to Following the Election," for example, the blog coverage they suggest you follow includes Eric Alterman, Talking Points Memo, and token "conservative" Excitable Andy. Yeah.  [Correction: Looking deeper into the article, they also mention Instaglenn, The Corner, and Campaign Spot.  They also note that Sullivan is an "Obamaphile."  My bad.]

So why am I writing about this? Well, one part of the magazine I generally enjoy is Tom Carson's movies and teevee column, "The Critic." This month's column (I looked for it online, but couldn't find it) is about Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann. Now, Carson is a liberal, and while he likes MSNBC and hates Fox, he finds faults with both Matthews and Olbermann, especially the latter.

But Carson really stepped in it this month, almost certainly without knowing that he would. Talking about Matthews, he writes:

He's the only cable news heavyweight who's defined by what he loves instead of what he hates. SNL, which should have bigger fish to fry—namely, Tim Russert, a far more egregious Beltway clown—never tires of spoofing his egomania...
[my emphasis]

Talk about bad timing. He surely wrote the column, and the magazine surely went to the presses, before Russert died, but he's going to have to issue a ton of apologies for that one.

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