January 22, 2010

Oh, So That's How It's Going To Be, Eh?

Initially, I wanted to mock how the left is handling their recent setbacks in a calm and professional manner. Like in this video.

And, yes, I am a hypocrite for loving Stewart this one time.

I was going to mock the left for continuing to push the Obamacare Disaster, despite yet another political pummeling, for it is worthy of mocking. But I can't. I cannot bring myself to pile onto something that has already been fucked worse than a barn full of capons. I can't, because what more can I add? What more can I add to a group of people who are so determined to push a massively unpopular shitpile of fuckyfuckfuckfuck laced with fuck despite every warning outside of their inner circle not to proceed?

But then, Alice sent me this. Go. Read. And report back. 

My response?


(drinks gallon of whiskey)

(lights cigar)


(wipes mouth)

(eats steak)

(Removes Shirt And Folds It Up For Use Later)

Seriously lefties, you wanna amp this shit up to the next level? You fucking want to elevate the hate, venom and bile to unforeseen heights? You fucking want to continue down this path? Ok! Let's get this shit on! You fucking want to dance, cocktubers? Then bring it the fuck on! I've walked over anal assinspectors more daunting than you on my way to defiling a rent a shitter, so you losing lovers of the leftover lickings don't intimidate me.

You fucking lost. You fucking had your chance to fuck this country, and you fucking failed. You were *this* close to achieving your Utopian Dreams, and you fucking failed. Let me repeat that slower and translated into Idiotese with the Fuckbag Accent:


Hear that? Lemme repeat one fucking more time:

You. Fucking. Lost.

Got that, fuckfaces? You lost, and you are lashing out, and you fucking look even more ridiculous than usual. But I know you fuckbags won't fucking change. You think that acting like fucking escapees from the insane asylum is the way to go? You think "outing" people, insulting them, and intimidating them is the fucking ay to go? You think the fact that you glamour goatse gurglers will scare us? 

Well, fuck you and the horse you let fuck your colon with a side dish of eggs over hard. Fuck you because our side is not backing down. Not this fucking time, fucktickler of fannyflailing. Our side has feasted on the megadupermeatandawsoembuffet of fuck you wrapped with bacon over bacon, and will not stand idly by. Our side has enjoyed the warsex of winning the last few months, and want more like a nympho wanting the next gangbang. We want to fuck you three days straight without letup with the hootchietube of victory. We have once again tasted what it tastes like, and we cannot stop now.

YOU. WILL . NOT. STOP. US. YOU WILL NOT SCARE US. AND YOU WILL NOT FUCKING WIN. You thought we would go away. You fucking thought we would let you do what you wanted. You fucking thought you would rule (I use that fucking word intentionfuckingally) for a generation. And you thought it was your fucking day. Well, our day has passed. Your day was last week while I was cleaning dogshit off my yard. Your day will not come around again for a while.

So fuck off, take your dirty dickrag of defeat with you.You have fucking fucked around too fucking long here for any fucking good you fucking thought you have been fucking doing.. Defuckingpart, I say, and let us fucking have done with you. In the fuck fuck fuckity fucking the fuckbag of fuck name of God, Go!



Musical relaxation time.



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