August 29, 2008

Oh, just go away already

The rEVOLution may not be televised, but it's apparently still going to be in Minnesota next week:

As Republicans gather to nominate John McCain for president in St. Paul next week, don't expect former rival Ron Paul to cheer him on.

Unlike other former candidates like Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee, the libertarian-leaning Texas congressman wasn't given a speaking slot at the convention -- in fact, he says the McCain campaign tried to bar him from the convention floor entirely.

"I didn't expect much and I didn't get much, because they don't want somebody there who will emphasize where they're coming short," he said in an interview.

Instead, Paul plans a rally of his own at a basketball arena across the river in Minneapolis, along with training sessions for his supporters who want to more effectively push the Republican party toward his antiwar, small-government ideals.

"They're lining up for the next fight, and they're going to have better numbers and they're going to know the rules better," he said.

Yeah, I'm sure your loyal horde of weirdos and retards will be well equipped (maybe with an even bigger blimp!) to convince us all to go back to the gold standard and stop giving foreign aid to Israel or whatever nutty thing you're currently advocating.

In between cross burnings and LARP tournaments, that is.

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