October 22, 2008

Of course: Kathleen Parker all but endorses Obama

Update:  Vinty has a good take on the Parker article too, click here or scroll down.

She basically accuses Palin of race-baiting at rallies, and goes on to claim that otherwise GOP white collar professionals will quietly vote for Obama, which I think one can safely take to mean she's voting for Obama(link goes to Hotair), along with a handful of professional snobs.  Note not all professionals are this way, but yes, there are a number of vapid douchebags who are.  We all know one. 

Notice how she's freaking out about how "ugly" McCain and Palin's campaign is...uh, you mean in comparison to Obama's?  Really?  The same guy who had his lawyer send threatening letters to TV stations that played NRA ads?  The campaign that has it's supporters and media allies throw the race card at anything and everything?  The one that set up a "Truth Squad" in Missouri?  The one with a creepy cult following with it's own Obamajugend?  The same Obama with the violent and vandalizing followers that make the GOP divert millions in GOTV money to enhanced security?  The massive voter fraud efforts by ACORN?  And I'm probably not even scratching the surface.

Yeah, you're right Kathleen, it's McCain and Palin that are running the ugly campaign.  What an idiot. 

An aside, Tony Blankley rules.  I also enjoy Weasel's take on the Parker/Buckley/Brooks/Noonan types. 

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