March 30, 2008

obama's pro-bowling career about as likely as a primary win in pennsylvania

This is funny,  Barack Obama went to a bowling alley in Altoona with Bob "Hey, my dad was governor!" Casey Jr.  Commenting on his crappy bowling,

"My economic plan is better than my bowling," Obama told fellow bowlers Saturday evening at the Pleasant Valley Recreation Center.

"It has to be," a man called out.

Welcome to PA, Barack. Though I'd definitely dispute Obama's claim above. 

Of course, some eeeevil right winger had to be there to rain on the Hope'n'Change Parade,

Some Democrats worry the hard-fought, drawn-out race is already hurting the party's chances to win in November and Republicans hope they're right.

"I think it's a good competition, but I think the Democratic party is going to be blown apart," said Mark Irvin, a 49-year-old Republican who was bowling at the same time as Obama.

Mark, you mean you aren't an ObamicanShhhh?

And when I say Obama sucked at bowling, I mean daaaayum he sucked, and there is video, so do hit that link.

The crowd of regulars pressed in to take pictures, get autographs, and rib him on his poor skills.

Obama did improve, nearly getting a strike in one frame, and in the seventh, picking up a spare, giving him a score of 37. Casey had a score of 71 after getting a strike, and Hart, with one less frame, racked up a score of 82.

Heh, maybe they should have put up some bumpers.  It doesn't really qualify as a gaffe, it's just entertaining to see the Messiah utterly fail at something.

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