October 29, 2008

Obama Affair Story Breaks (Finally)

Reading it now... more in a minute.


Short reaction?  Yawn.  It seems pretty clear that Obama did have an affair (who wouldn't if you were married that that harpy) and that she skipped the country to keep it secret. 

Not included in this report are any details about possible string-pulling by the Daleys.  That would be more damaging but in the end none of this will have any effect on the election. 

In fact, even if it had come out two weeks ago it wouldn't have mattered.  There is no smoking gun.  There is no picture of him snorting coke of a hooker's ass.  Its just heresay and circumstance pointing to an affair that 95% of the people voting for Obama won't care about anyway.

The element of the story that should get traction is the blatant, disgusting favoritism and malpractice of the media.  They've all apparently known about this for weeks or months but are sitting on it.  Whether because of ideological bias or profit motive (probably both) the media has sold its ethics out for the millionth time in this election cycle. 

But in the end, this won't help McCain win an election.  At most it will keep flashy "special report" graphics designers busy for the next year or two.  Whoop-de-fucking-doo.

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