November 20, 2007

NY DMV Bars GETOSAMA Vanity Plate Because it Could Be Offensive

The guy who wants the plates is a retired NYPD sergeant, so unsurprisingly, he really, really hates Bin Laden.  We all do of course, but I have to imagine there's an especially visceral hatred of the fucker among NYPD and FDNY, given the sense of fraternity police and firemen have and their shared loss on 9/11.  He got a letter from the DMV, which said,

In a letter addressed to Herwerth, the DMV said they "prohibit the issuance of any license plate combination that is, 'in the discretion of the commissioner, obscene, lewd, lascivious, derogatory to a particular ethnic group or patently offensive.'"

Wanting the mastermind of the biggest attack on American soil dead falls under those guidelines?  Where?  Beyond that, as the article states, we have a $25 million dollar bounty on the bastards head! 

The guy sounds like he's gonna wage a PR campaign if he doesn't get his way...good.

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