July 29, 2007

Nutroots Trying To Target Fox News Channel's Advertisers

MoveOn, the Kossacks, the Campaign For America's Future, and David Gilliam, who made the movie OutFoxed are all gunning for Fox News Channels advertisers.  I don't know that they'll get too many victories, given that FNC is stomping its competitors pretty reliably. 

This stepped up campaign is largely a reactionary thing against Bill O'Reilly , who went after JetBlue for sponsoring the Yearly Kos convention.  JetBlue bailed rather quickly. It was pretty funny how Kos was beating his chest and boasting that O'Reilly had failed to stop JetBlue's sponsorship, only to have JetBlue pull its support soon after.

I like this part;

MoveOn.org is campaigning against Fox because it says the network characterizes itself as a fair news network when it consistently favors a conservative point of view, said Adam Green, the organization's spokesman.

"We're not trying to silence anybody," Green said. "Rush Limbaugh has a right to be on the air—he admits his point of view. Fox doesn't."

That's fine, and I say FNC should admit its bias, right after MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC openly admit theirs.  Till then, I say let FNC play the "Fair and Balanced" game.

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