November 06, 2008

Notes on the Revolution - Infiltrating the GOP machine

Something I've talked a bit lately about is the importance of infiltrating the GOP power structure.  What I'm talking about here about isn't candidates (though obviously we need good candidates), but rather the RNC, the state and local GOPs and campaigns.  This isn't going to happen overnight either, this is going to take several election cycles, maybe even a decade or more. 

This isn't to dismiss the need for a strong, outside presence to apply an endless, relentless pressure on Republican elites to, you know, at least pretend they're Republicans.  Indeed, that's the most important, but having infiltrators working from within is going to make things much, much easier to for that outside force to work.

All it takes is one guy sending the right info to the right people at the right time, and those people getting the message acting to spread word of the latest sellout, or the way to effectively get your message to people in the upper echelons who need to hear it.  With people working for them on the inside, the grassroots will become much more effective at bitchsmacking our own elite back into line.

So how do you do it?  Like any other job, start out in an entry level job (usually volunteering for something, perhaps a local campaign), making connections and gaining experience, and working your way up.  Not everyone is going to take this path, nor should they.  Not everyone is going to advance, but the more people we have working to undermine the RINOs, kleptocrats, and all the other malcontents while helping good, capable conservatives advance within the GOP, the better.

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