May 20, 2009

No, you don't fucking say!

I voted a straight "Oh, Hells Naw" ticket on today's California special election, which was basically meant to bounce responsibility for cleaning up the state's budget mess back to the voters.

Oh, and check out this Master (Mistress?) of the Obvious:

"Obviously, it's disappointing," said Democratic Assemblywoman Noreen Evans, chairwoman of the Assembly Budget Committee. "But I think the voters are sending a message that they believe the budget is the job of the governor and Legislature. We probably need to go back and do our job."
Probably? Probably? What the fuck? What the fuck have you assholes been doing over the last few years? Oh, right...raising taxes, spending more than you can take in, coddling illegal immigrants, and scaring away productive businesses through...well, those policies I just mentioned.

Why don't you get the fuck back to work and start cutting the hell out of every fucking non-essential program that the state has even a dollar invested in? Why don't you look at the drain on public services and education that illegal immigration has cost us? Why don't you tell the public sector unions that they're going to have to work on restructuring their contracts if they want California to be viable again? Why don't you take a look at the high taxes that are moving productive people into other states?

Oh, right. Because the idiots here in places like Los Angeles and San Francisco and other coastal areas will keep on electing Democrats who don't give a shit, as long as they get re-elected and their contributors get theirs in the process.

Silly me.

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