August 26, 2008

No, just No

What the crap is Rich Lowry thinking here?  Huckabee as VP?  Is he insane?  Says Lowry about Huck's downsides,

The downsides are—as I've noted many times before—he doesn't have much in the way of national security credentials and has a big seriousness gap, obviously not trifling matters.

How about his obnoxious demagoguery against business, his squishy big government pro-taxation stance, all the "Shi'ite Republican" nonsense, his demagoguing Mitt Romney and teh gheys, and his desire to turn the government into a mission church, remember?  I can't even believe Lowry would embarrass himself by uttering this kind of stupidity in public(Okay, I can, but Huck?  Weak, dude).

You want the rest of the conservative movement to walk, do what Lowry says, just remember who runs the political machinery and who pays the bills.  Let me assure you, if it's Huck, there's no way in Hell I'd EVER vote for McCain, EVER, and I wouldn't be alone. 

You know what, if you need a quick reminder why the Hucktard should never be in a position of power, here it is,

Lowry needs to watch this a few times until he gets this Hucktard idiocy flushed out of his head.

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