January 31, 2008

New Study Claims That Iraq Death Toll is About One Million

I think I'm gonna call BS on this one, after all, the debunked Lancet Study claimed that the number was 600,000. 


The group that did the study is called the Opinion Research Business, and I'd love to find out who actually funded this study.  Lefties are already starting to flog this as their latest talking point.  This HuffPo tool is declaring that the US has created a Holocaust under the Bushitler, and that we're denying it. 

No, lefties won't give up this meme, evah!

Ah, here we go, the Mudville Gazette guys are already on it,  the Independent Institute for Administration and Civil Society Studies, which worked with the ORB in creating this propaganda was involved in the first Lancet study.  I'd still love to know where the money came from to fund this study.

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