September 26, 2007

National Republican Congressional Committee in Bad Shape

Which is what happens when you throw the finger at your own base, immigration in particular, numbskulls.  Yet, the GOP elite continue to try pass amnesty measures, now they're just doing it quietly, piecemeal. 

The Senate GOP campaign fund is at least in the black, which is better than the House, which has 1.6 million and is 4 in the hole.  The only thing saving their asses right now is that RNC has a fair bit of cash on hand, but I get the feeling that ain't gonna last if the rocket surgeons in the GOP don't get their act together in DC and start pretending that they are Republicans. 

Not that I think they really care, they've probably got a nice cushy lobby job lined up for when they get out of office, likely a reward for selling out and screwing over their own supporters.

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