October 25, 2010

My congresscritter hates me

So I spent the late afternoon and early evening making calls for Patrick Murray.
I know the sample is small, but I'm not very optimistic.
I'm not sure how many calls I made, but the vast majority who responded said they were voting for Moran (or "straight Dem").
It seemed to me that most of the ones who refused to say who they were voting for (but did hang around for both questions) were kinda hostile.

Which made me think they were voting for Moran, because I got the same vibe off most of the people who said they were voting for Moran.

I figured the ones who refused to say who they voted for (but hung around for the questions) didn't want me to try to change their minds, so that's why they didn't say "Moran". I wasn't going to try to change their minds, but they didn't know that.

It's not as if I'm surprised but I'm a little disappointed.
I'm an optimist by nature, it's just life that's made me a pessimist.

My first call I screwed up. My second was no better, but the third. Ahhhh, that lovely third call.
"I'm not voting for Moron".
Made my night it did. Too bad any more were few and far between.
No, I don't know how that symbol thing got in this post.

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