August 27, 2008

Moron of the Day: Blind Drunk

Not content to be notorious for binge drinking and slurred speech, the Scots found a way to up the ante:

WITH one of the highest rates of binge drinking among teenagers, Scotland already has an unenviable reputation with alcohol.

But now experts are warning about a new trend among young people that is aimed at speeding up the process of getting drunk – pouring shots of alcohol directly into their eyes.

Known as "one-in-the-eye", it involves using shot glasses in a manner similar to that of eye-wash.

Despite the risk of blindness, users hope that by absorbing the alcohol via the membranes of the eye, it will enter the bloodstream more quickly and have a stronger effect when it reaches the brain.
I'm pretty sure if I saw that in person I'd laugh hysterically thinking about this:


Once again, remember: The children are our future:
Charlotte Greene, 23, said she drank a shot of vodka through her eye.

The former Strathclyde University student said: "It's the kind of daft thing more and more students are tempted to do. You're young and you're messing around.

"I took it like an eye-wash and then just waited to see what happened.

"It was very messy, most of it ran down my face and ruined my make-up.

"But it did start to sting almost straightaway and my eye went bright red and bloodshot.

"I'm not sure how much actually went in my eye. I had quite a lot to drink already but I think it did tip me over the edge.

"My eye was red and sore until the following evening. I was a bit worried I had damaged something. So I just drank the normal way after that.

"It was all a bit silly and a bit of an experiment, but it was fun at the time."
I hope she has 500 babies.

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