August 30, 2008

More Proof The Left Is Unhinged Over Palin

To piggyback on Sean's post about the Kossacks being worried over Palin, they are now accusing her of faking her recent pregnancy in order to cover for her teenage daughter.

Some of the gems from Newsbusters:

Next concernedamerican posted a slam on Palin's commitment to her baby. "She decided not to take maternity leave with this pregnancy!!!! What's up with that? With a special needs baby?" And then went on to accept the claims without proof saying, "Kind of hypocritical to push abstinence programs in schools and then cover up your own teenage daughter's pregnancy with a lie that you had the baby yourself, dontcha think?"

Not4bushwa also assumed it was all true merely because it was posted on DailyKos, saying: "If Palin had come clean about her daughter or if McCain had vetted her more carefully and not chosen her, this would not be a story. But she didn't and he didn't. Tough luck, poor judgment, another right-wing hypocrite scandal." And later wrote, "This is a big lie. Why the excessive secrecy? So much shame for a fairly common predicament--teenage pregnancy? I wonder: Who's the father?"

Obviously, since a Kos diarist posted this garbage story, many Kossacks will simply believe it is true despite that there is no proof at all for even a single word of the accusations.

Poster sailmaker finds Motherhood so disgusting that he can't imagine a vice president doing it, posting that his "mind boggles at the idea of a lactating VP." That's classy, isn't it?

Poster Subversive really went for the gutter with, "The only thing missing from this story is that the baby wasn't Black."

Folks, they don't know how to handle her. And the fact that as a mother of five, she is still more manly (though -ILFish to 11) than any male Kossack would ever be. And the fact her husband could rip their eyeballs out just by farting on them scares the shit out of them as well.

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