February 26, 2010


Nothing major, just another example of why I started calling them Minitru a little over a year ago.
First, we've all seen Hot Air's story about Rubio's credit card.
I hadn't read it earlier (I usually don't read the Capt's posts unless I can't get to sleep), so I did when I saw the update. I'm waiting for the hockey game to start and nothing's going on here.
Lo and behold, the article was substantially rewritten, removing much of what Capt Ed quoted, with no mention of how or why.
What was left was pretty typical of Minitru.

They manage to find a bunch of people to say bad things about Rubio.
Like Ana Navarro, "Rubio contributor" who's 'concerned'. Yup, she contributed to him, she gave more to a Dem congressman.
It's also disingenuous to call her a "contributor" she's a pac treasurer and bundler.
The Pac is "Friends of Liz Cheney" but I can't find any money going in or out of that pac anywhere from  2002 to today.
Personally, she gives to both Dems and the GOP.

The rest of the quoted are similarly misrepresented, including the last quote by "U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Weston" who is also 'concerned', she is not listed as a Democrat.

They do get a quote from a Republican
Attorney General Bill McCollum, the Republican front-runner to replace Crist as governor, said of releasing the credit-card records: ``To open this at the present time could compromise a criminal investigation.''

Heh, maybe I'm just paranoid (well, too paranoid) but that surely looks as though they're trying to imply that Rubio is the target of that investigation. What is the investigation? I'd guess it's who leaked it, if Rubio was the target that would have been the headline, the lead and every other paragraph would have included that.

I used to call them the NYTimesWashPostCNNABCCBSNBCetc., but they're just Minitru anymore and just as dangerous.

Another, smaller, Minitru moment.
My alarm clock is set to WTOP (traffic, weather, conventional leftism), this morning it came on to one guy saying something about Obama's "We're not campaigning" as the other two tools laughed, laughed, laughed at McCain being all bitter about not winning and Obama slapping him down.
These are "news" guys, not opinion. I mean, they're called "news", but like the rest of Minitru, they have ceased even pretending to be neutral even as they screach about how they are neutral.

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