July 31, 2007

Mining in The Sinestrosphere Feverswamps

For a good long time, pjcomix has been finding only the finest moonbattery in threads at DemocraticUnderground, but has expanded to mining for madness at DailyKos and I believe HuffPo too at his blog DUmmie FUnnies

I thought I'd point it out as a resource for those looking for fine moonbattery.  I think he's one of the most underrated bloggers out there, few people could stand to read sift through that much mindnumbing idiocy in a day, but he does so and revels in the task, finding some real choice crazy.  While some people only get to see moonbattery on sparse occasion, you can get a daily dose here.  If I were a GOP candidate, I'd have DUmmie FUnnies bookmarked and checked regularly to copy down the latest in leftie hate for the next round of campaign ads.

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