November 28, 2009

Meet Jacob Weisberg, parallel universe inhabitant

In what is likely the lamest thing you'll read all day, Jacob assures us that Barack Obama is having TEH AWESOMEST FURST YEAR EVAR!!!!! of any president since FDR.

No, really.

After lauding his various domestic accomplishments like the health care bill that has yet to pass and the Spendulus, which Weisberg assures us "prevented an economic depression," he gets into "this is a parody, right?" territory in discussing Barry's foreign policy triumphs. I suggest you swallow any liquids you may have in your mouth before reading any further...

When it comes to foreign policy, Obama's accomplishment has been less tangible but hardly less significant: He has put America on a new footing with the rest of the world. In a series of foreign trips and speeches, which critics deride as trips and speeches [um, what?], he replaced George W. Bush's unilateral, moralistic militarism with an approach that is multilateral, pragmatic, and conciliatory. Obama has already significantly reoriented policy toward Iran, China, Russia, Iraq, Israel, and the Islamic world. Next week, after a much-disparaged period of review, he will announce a new strategy in Afghanistan. No, the results do not yet merit his Nobel Peace Prize. But not since Reagan has a new president so swiftly and determinedly remodeled America's global role.
Well, I actually agree with that last point. It's taken less than a year for him to turn our country into a global laughingstock, what with all the bowing and scraping, misspelled "reset" buttons, abandonment of our allies, and sucking up to our enemies.

Keep fucking that chicken, Jacob. But you might want to put down the crack pipe, first.


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