June 11, 2008

McCain the federalist

Political genius John McCain at a town hall meeting today got asked about drilling in ANWR and off the coasts.  After giving his standard nonsensical answer on ANWR, he said:

"I respect the rights of the states to control the waters off their coasts, but I think we should tell states like California and Florida that we will drastically increase the revenues they would receive [if they opened up those waters for exploration]."
Federalism is a handy dodge when you get asked an inconvenient question, isn't it Senator?  As far as I'm concerned, a statist like McCain deferring to federalism is a bigger dodge than the Obamessiah always labeling tough issues "distractions".  All I can say is that this man better be the best damn googler in the United States if he wants me to do any work for the GOP this fall.

On a side note, I eagerly await a post or article from early McCain backer Ramesh Ponnuru decrying this tactic.  If he's going to call out Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson, he should have the intellectual honesty to do the same for John McCain. 

***{doubleplusundead}  Thanks for the link Ace, and thanks for dropping by doubleplusundead again, morons.  One note, this is our co-blogger Vinty's post, not mine***

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