January 25, 2008

McCain Is Exempt From The Eleventh Commandment

I'm starting to see the Eleventh Commandment card getting pulled a bit more lately(just linking here as an example), and I think we'll be seeing more of it, particularly if McCain hangs in there and makes it a slog or God forbid wins the nomination.  Some may feel that this classic line from Reagan,

"Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican."

should be applied to John McCain, and others have likely used it in his defense.  Sorry, but I'm gonna go ahead and counter with A Bullshit Card on anyone using the 11th Commandment Card for John McCain.


John McCain is the last person, with the possible exception of the handful of  New England RINOs we have left in Congress, that deserves the protection of the 11th Commandment. 

John McCain has not only reveled in speaking ill of other Republicans, he's reveled in actually undermining basic Republican platform principles time and time again, there's violating the Eleventh Commandment, and then there's what McCain does.  And before someone argues that what he does is compromise, it is not compromise, we held a majority during most of McCain's little "principled stands", what McCain has been doing is,

McCain may just now finally be reaping what he's spent a decade sowing. I'll focus on one issue for this post, because McCain's apologists are bugging the hell out of me when it comes to defending him on this issue.

McCain is the guy who stopped us from making the Bush tax cuts permanent(one of things that tin-eared Texas 'tard got right), which now we're seeing the Democrats sniveling "We're not raising taxes, the law will just sunset", thanks McCain, you fucking wanker, you gave them that out.  McCain must carry his big brass ones in a fucking basket to actually campaign on wanting to make the Bush tax cuts permanent.

And before I hear any bullshit about fiscal discipline, he dipped into the same class warfare bowl that the Democrats did, don't sit there and tell me otherwise.  If he had kept his argument solely based on fiscal discipline, I would have respected his decision.  He didn't. Far as I can tell, his choice to engage in class warfare can only mean one or more of the following:

He told the truth then and is as much a class warfare demagogue as the Democrats, or as liberal in his policy when it comes to taxation.

He was being a spiteful dick and undermining Bush for beating him in the 2000 election, which then brings whether he should be in the position he's in to begin with as a Senator into question, let alone president of he lets spite rule him that much.

He actually did believe that it was fiscally irresponsible, but holds the electorate in such low esteem that he felt he had to resort to simple demagoguery and lie, which makes him an elitist dick.

He loves to slob Beltway and MSM elite knob, and this was the perfect way for him to get their approval.

Or lastly, he just loves screwing the conservative movement and undermining it.

I may have to do a few more posts indicting McCain for his violations of the eleventh commandment.  Truth be told, all the candidates have violated the Eleventh Commandment to some degree, but McCain is by far the most egregious violator of that law.

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