August 15, 2008

Mary, Mary can't imagine the contrary

Sorry to do two posts in a row on essentially the same subject, but I just loved this line from Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell's column on Corsi's book so much that I thought I'd share it with you:

But because there is such intense interest in Obama, Corsi's book is a No. 1 New York Times best seller despite the fact his sole purpose for writing the book is to defeat Obama.
Ah, you've got to love that "despite" there, huh? Because, as far as Mary is concerned, anybody who shows "interest in Obama" ought to be interested in the Hope and Change and nothing else. Certainly nothing negative. I mean, there isn't anything negative about the Obamessiah, is there?

If you feel like having another laugh at Mary's expense, I'd suggest the third paragraph, where she notes that Corsi's book on John Kerry was "largely discredited" without mentioning, you know, anybody who actually discredited anything from the book, about which she makes a major mistake. Painstaking layers of editorial fact-checking in action, right there.

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