March 11, 2008

links from around the moronosphere, spitzer edition!

A new feature, and a new way of doing headlines.  I think I'm gonna do all small letters for a while and see how I like it.  There are admittedly a lot of things on Spitzer, it was unavoidable, but most of them are funny. Today's links!

Cuffy brings the funneh with some choice pics of the scandalized Eliot Spitzer.

al-Qaida promises to up their aggression, which says to me they know they're in bad shape, because they're now in a position that they need to let people know they still exist. Unrelated, but this is pretty funny.

The Hostages report on the animal kingdom's reaction to the Spitzer scandal.

Slublog has a great post on the Spitzer scandal, and a little non-Spitzer related stuff too

More on moderates from the Weasel.

Conservative Belle on the Mississippi primary, she's in MS, so she'll likely have some good stuff on that.

Mike at Cold Fury on the left and its love of Hugo Chavez, and pure schadenfreude over the Spitzer scandal.

After seeing my post on the new Tron movie, Stashiu posts Tron Guy's interview on Jimmy Kimmel.  Sorry Stash' but I'm gonna have to up the ante on weird Tron Guy videos.

You lose, sucka!

Okay, this made me laugh

Interesting, at Snapped Shot, the Israelis are holding the body of the terrorist that attacked that Jewish school until a deal is worked out that there will be no big media spectacle made of his funeral.  The deal'll probably be violated immediately, but I guess they're trying...

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