October 14, 2009

Liar Lying About Limbaugh Licks From The Toilet Seat Of FAIL AND PWNAGE

Given that Rush Limbaugh wants to be part of an ownership group that buys the St. Louis Rams Football Team, the buzz and chatter on the St. Louis news and sports talk shows should is not a surprise. Sadly, the stupidity from leftist reporters and talkers regarding the Limbaugh story also is not a surprise.

One of most egregious idiots on this topic has been Jeff Gordon, a long time sports reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and various sports talk stations in town. Well, "Gordo", as he is called, is not hip to the prospect of Limbaugh owning the Rams, and has done his best to pass along the Charles Johnsonesque tripe about Rush and his comments.

Well, an intrepid St. Louis Blogger decided to confront Jeff Gordon on his lies and chronic assholia. Here is the footage.

Well played, young man. Well played.

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