September 30, 2009

Let me retort

Please note that I am not responsible for the sudden increase in Rage and blood pressure upon watching this:

Congressman Alan Grayson - on the floor of the House - stated that Republicans want you to die quickly.

Well, Congressman, since you believe that I do want you do die, let me retort.  I shall provide you with the same level of grace and dignity that you provided in these comments.

Fuck you.  Fuck you with the barbed cock of Satan.  Fuck you sideways with a chainsaw.

Look, you ignorant sack of puss, if you really believe this, then pass a bill to make being a Republican illegal.  I mean, the logical conclusion to the idiotic idea that your one firing synapse developed is that Republicans are guilty of pre-meditated murder.  No.  Seriously.  It is.  Grow a pair and do it.  Make being a Republican fucking illegal.   I beg of you.

You ignorant fucking toad, I hope if your mother is alive she doesn't see that so she doesn't die of shame that her child would open his mouth and prove that he's such an ignorant piece of shit that he makes Al Gore look like a genius.  If she's passed, then I hope she haunts you. 

What the ever loving fuckity fuck is WRONG with people?  I am so fucking sick of hearing how the Republicans are so angry and so mean.  Gee.  Huh.  Why the hell would I be angry at being accused of wanting people to die?  It's a mystery!

No points.  No mercy on your soul. 

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