August 29, 2009

Leftists Go All "Meh" Yet Again Over Obama's Policies

Almost on cue, in reaction to this story from yesterday about Obama being given the right to shut down the Internet in "an emergency", Media Matters comes in and erects the wall of silence with this piece of arrogant snark.

Seriously, fuck you with yesterday's rancid bean dip. This is just another attempt of you and your side to blow off an Obama overreach or policy stance with a "meh" attitude. At least try to spin or defend it, you fucking cowards.

From 2001-1-20-09, this article would have been greeted with cries of "creeping fascism" from Chimpymcbushitlerhaliburton. Now, you give it a "meh".

Good to know.

Kinda like the "meh" you gave when Obama ate ice cream while the Baiji were killing pro-freedom people in Iran, contrasted to the "now watch this drive" quip of W you looped for five years straight.

Kinda like the "meh" you gave when Obama is trying to prop up a Marxist thug in Honduras, contrasted to the "Oh Noes! Cowboy Diplomacy!" from 2001-1-20-09.

I could go on, but you get the point. You fucksticks are a disgrace. Are you that afraid to be on record defending a policy stance by your side, that you would rather blow it off and hope it goes away? If so, that is really fucking sad.

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