August 01, 2007

Killing Black Zombies is Racist!

Some people are outraged! that the lead character in the new Resident Evil is white, and there will be zombies who used to be black people.  The new RE is set in Africa, where the latest zombie outbreak occurs.  The claim is that its designed to teach whitey to hate, kill and keep black people down, but not just whitey, but his little cracker kids too.

 Of course the crew at Joystiq points out what crap this is, first the game is M, as all RE games have been, so little kids shouldn't have access to them anyway, of course that doesn't stop moronic parents from buying them for their kids, but still. As they also point out, every RE game has had zombies (or their functional equivalent in RE4) that were white.  Did we hear any whining that the RE series was teaching people to shoot white people?  No, we didn't.  

Of course the liberal doucherockets at The Village Voice have been banging the "OMG RACISM!!!!!1!1!!eleventy!1" drum too.

So help me God, the Grievance Lobby better not deny me my new Resident Evil game...and they better not force Capcom into modding it to cave to their bitching either so that it ends up sucking.

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