October 30, 2009

Keep Your Hands Off Of My Healthcare!

OK, so I am going on about 3 hours of sleep, so I may or may not recall all of the details to this story, but my daughter woke up with a fever this morning that was in the scary range. We were able to get her in and out of medical treatment within the span of a morning, and she is resting at home. 

Anybody who thinks that Obamacare will improve things better not have a sick shild who needs rapid treatment, but is told to wait in line until a bureaucrat tells them it is OK to proceed. And so help me, after seeing how awesome the medical assistance we had today was, any attempts to change or "improve" it will be met by me consuming something combsutible, so that I can then piss fire on an "improver" for supporting something that will hurt so many people in the name of fairness.

And if a family member of mine is hurt or forced to suffer becasue of a bureaucrat, whole neighborhoods of liberals will go up in flames in my wake.

So yeah, fuck you, O-care Advocates. Fuck you with a toxic parking meter soaked in a fever inducing gonorrhea. You want to hurt my family? I will hurt you back on retard strength levels.

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