August 28, 2010

Katrina 5 years later

So everybody is all excited about Katrina 5 Years Later (dramatic fanfare).
What's absolutely unsurprising is that none of them are recalling all the horrible reportage they did.
From Shep running after some poor deputy sheriff bleating something like "Where's the water? Where's the water?" to hearing about people eating babies that had been killed then raped or something, funeral pyres in the SuperDome built on the bodies of raped women, bloated bodies firing at helicopters and zombies eating ambulance drivers.
Every freaking rumor they heard, they reported.
So here is Jeff Goldstein at his finest relating something that might have happened or might only have been Shep Smith's dream.
hold the wide-eyed heads of a CNN camera crew and a couple of photogs from the Associated Press—“errand boys,” Smith tells the camera’s blinking red eye, “sent by grocery clerks to collect my Pulitzer.” In his left hand, he holds a microphone, the handle covered in a thick, stringy gore.  With his right hand, he fingers a piece of sharpened aluminum raingutter, folded into a blade and snipped at regular intervals to form a kind of makeshift serrated edge, itself coated in a viscous paste of blood and tendon and spinal fluid.

I do every year. It never fails to make me belly laugh.

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