November 27, 2008

Just a reminder: RNC FAIL stops for no holiday

Someone with the first name "Curly" sees fit to shape the direction of the Republican Party (emphasis mine):

"For this association of members to choose to outsource its leadership would, I believe, be an abdication of our responsibility," Curly Haugland, an RNC member from North Dakota and the former North Dakota Republican Party chairman, wrote in an e-mail to Mr. Steele.

Mr. Haugland called on Mr. Steele to quit the contest for Republican national chairman because he is not an RNC member.

"In my estimation, 168 committed members of the Republican National Committee are a powerful army of qualified advocates for Republican principles; certainly much more threatening to the Democrats than one celebrity spokesman," Mr. Haugland said.

Yeah cowboy, that's been working out really well so far under the leadership of Mike "Who??" Duncan. 

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