June 24, 2007

Jesse Jackson and Fr. Michael Pfleger Arrested for Tresspassing

Nice. Like any typical Liberal shitheels, Jackson and Pfleger blame a few chunks of inanimate metal for the actions of vicious gang members.  Do they bother to go after the gangs, ask for more police help, assistance in building charitable systems to get people away from gang life and poverty?  No,  they harass some guy with a gunshop outside of Chicago. 

Who is Fr. Michael Pfleger?  Oh, no one real important, just some leftist doucherocket in a frock who thinks he can threaten to snuff out this gun store owner he got arrested for harrassing yesterday.

 Pfleger is reckless, he needs to first be publicly reprimanded by the Bishop of the Archdiocese.  The Bishop needs to publicly apologize to the owner and staff of this store for the harrassment they have received.  He needs to be ordered to end his demagoguery, and if he fails to comply, then he needs to be transferred or taken off of active priesthood, and if he still refuses to comply, then there needs to be move into more serious action by the hierarchy. 

You may be asking why I'm not calling for Pfleger to apologize.  The reason is because he wouldn't be sorry, and any apology given by him would be a lie, and I see no reason to make him lie too, unless it would really piss him off, then do make him apologize to piss him off.

Unless there is a large body of proof that the gunshop is working to avoid gun laws or is ignoring them to sell to gangs, with actual, indisputable proof that the guns purchased were from this gunshop, I'm calling bullshit on the premise that this shop is a supplier to gangs.

 And even if they were doing shady dealings, then upping gun control across the board isn't gonna do jack shit, killers always find a way, and Jackson and Pfleger know it.  I'm also guessing that a gunshop that was actively catering to gang members could be shut down with existing laws anyway.

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