December 30, 2008

I've seen this on the Discovery Channel, I know how this ends

So. It appears that there are earthquake storms going on under Yellowstone

For those of you not as deeply steeped in Discovery Channel disaster shows as I, let me sum up.  Yellowstone is actually the mouth of a giant volcano that tends to go BOOOOOOM every 600,000 years or so and, pretty much, kill all life on Earth.  The last explosion?  Ohhh, about 625,000 years or so.  Booooooooom.

While I really don't want to live through the ensuing Zombie Apocalypse when Yellowstone does blow (where would I find heels), I will say there's a part of me that loves this.  Not just for the death and destruction but for pointing out that human beings are wee little ants who can do nothing compared to the power of Gaia.  

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