August 30, 2008

I've found the problem with Sarah Palin!

She isn't from the same state as the PowerLine guys like Tim Pawlenty is, and she isn't Mitt Romney (as Mitt Romneyness is a quality highly valued  in some circles for his nuanced conservative authenticity). 

Hopefully Gov. Palin can tell us how she's actually a boring mullet-weilding governor who campaigned for state office on a platform diametrically opposed to the stances she currently takes as a vice presidential candidate.  Then we can get the "conservative leaders" fully behind her for the general election. 

If we could find a way to make her more boring and inauthentic, that would help, too.  As it stands now, she's hurting the Republican Party's brand. 

Update: Charles "I'm from Washington, so I know better than you rubes" Krauthammer shows up at Moron Central to register his displeasure.

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