July 28, 2008

Looks like it's Pawlenty for VP

Frickin' fan-effing-tastic retarded if true. I am hoping this is just more speculation. I share Allahpundit's sentiments:

His working-class pedigree is all to the good, but between the lack of name recognition and the “boring old Republican white guy” effect, I’m underwhelmed. He doesn’t even have serious religious cred to reassure antsy evangelicals. Let’s hope the report’s wrong, although given the general savviness of McCain’s campaign these days, it probably isn’t.

Here's my plan.  I am, from this point on, going to do absolutely all I can do to get Sarah Palin re-elected as Alaska Governor in 2010.  If anyone knows the first steps I could take to that end (what staff member I should get in touch with, etc.), please let me know. 

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