August 29, 2009

It ain't America no more.

Updated twice thrice
So says Officer Wesley Cheeks, Jr.

These fine police officers explain how you don't have free speech if your sign has a picture and you can be charged with anything Officer Wesley Cheeks, Jr. feels like charging you with.

Officer Wesley Cheeks, Jr. and his accomplice in crime (they didn't name the other officer who explained you don't have free speech when on school grounds) should not be in uniform, in my opinion. Well, non-prisoner uniforms anyway, I think they should be in prisoner uniforms. .

Abusing the power of the state to shut people up unConstitutionally should not be.
It happened in Virginia at my congresscritter's townhall, Jim Moran, which makes me even madder. This stuff is supposed to happen in North Korea, China and Massachussetts, not Virginia.

H/T Pappa Ray in the comments and Gateway Pundit
(edited to change "prison" to "prisoner" for clarity)

Updated with email page for the Reston police station commander in case you want to find out what they're going to do to Officer Wesley Cheeks, Jr. and his unnamed accomplice. I know I do.

Second update
It wasn't clear, but I gather Officer Wesley Cheeks, Jr. is possibly a school security guard.
So was he impersonating a police officer by threatening arrest? Can a high school security guard arrest people?
I know some colleges' security forces can detain you for arrest, but this guy threatened arrest.
Looking around, it appears that Fairfax County Police have some school program.
Email for the coordinator of the South Lakes HS program is
Perhaps Scott Bacon might have some insights as to what will happen to Officer Wesley Cheeks, Jr. and his unnamed accomplice who smugly assured Americans they have no free speech rights because they're on school grounds.

Update the third
I heard back from the Fairfax County police, they said he's not a cop but a school security guard and he said he was replying to hundreds of emails this morning. My reply is below the fold
I know you're busy and I appreciate your quick reply, but isn't any law enforcement operation in your county, and not on state or federal grounds, your jurisdiction?

That was a Fairfax County school, therefore, it seems it is the responsibility of the Fairfax County Sheriff's office.

He specifically threatened them with arrest, therefore, he was either impersonating an officer or he was acting as a de facto Fairfax County police officer.
From my experience at a college, their security guards could detain you for arrest, but they couldn't arrest you unless they were specifically authorized to do so by the police in whose jurisdiction they were, which authorization made them officially officers in that jurisdiction.

I really think  the Fairfax County police need to do something about this. His actions to threaten a citizen's rights reflect on your department in your jurisdiction and, as I'm sure you've found out this morning, people are taking this seriously and it is being spread far and wide.

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