December 30, 2007

Is There a Reason We're Doing This?

This makes zero sense, why the hell is the DoD trying to work with muslim groups that have questionable ties, most notably groups with possible ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a known Jihadist organization and a movement that advocates and supports suicide bombings on civilian targets in Israel and other terrorist activity?

One of my biggest criticisms of Bush is that its obvious he doesn't have his house in fucking order and can't seem to move towards achieving something, or if he can't get his house in order, he's made insufficient efforts to try and get it in order.  Does he even know this is being done?  I guess he probably does now.

I don't understand it, we've started two separate military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, we were taking a hard line with Hamas, why this change? 

And why have we resumed the perpetually failing peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, I thought we were done engaging in stupid fruitless diplomatic theatrics in Israel?  We all know that the only thing the Palestinians are going to be happy with is if the Israelis get pushed into the sea, and we're not gonna let that happen, at least, we better not let that happen. 

Has Bush gotten soft, lazy, stupid, losing control?  I just don't understand it.  A hard line seems to be producing results, we're putting a lot of hurt on terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan, and things seem to be getting much more stable in Iraq, so why not take a strong approach on the rest of them, I'm not saying expand our military efforts, but I see no reason for us to take all of these soft approaches we're seeing from DC all of a sudden.

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